Rental Policy


Though we do have housekeeping, please feel free to wash & put away any kitchen ware. Sheets can be left on the unmade beds & towels can be left hanging. All will be collected upon your departure.


Please do not leave any garbage outside due to raccoons. If you have overflow of the inside garbage can drawers please put garbage in large garbage can outside by the stairs with bungee cords to help secure the lid.

Cell Phones:

There is no cell service here since we are in a Redwood canyon. So texting will not be available. There is wifi service here so email will be available if you bring your computer or iPad.

Driving Instructions:

Cazadero is located about 45min.-1 hour from Santa Rosa. From Hwy 101 take the River Road/Guerneville exist just slightly north of Santa Rosa. Continue west through Guerneville. Guerneville will be the last point where your cell phone will work. Continue on Hwy 116 towards Jenner. Six miles before you reach Jenner, you will see a sign saying Cazadero Hwy. Make a right onto the Cazadero Hwy. and continue 5 miles until you come to Raymond’s Bakery. I will give the last instructions once reservations have been secured.

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